Aerie 3204 Annual By-Law & House Rule Visit Schedule

5 September 2019 at 6 PM to 19 September 2019 at 6 PM submitting proposals time frame.

Members may pick up proposal sheets from the Aerie Secretary or a Committee member.

When submitting your proposals to the Aerie Secretary or Committee, all proposals shall have what the current By-Law and/or House Rule looks like and then what it would look like if approved.  All proposals shall have signatures from 3 (three) members in good standing on each submission.

The By-Laws & House Rules Committee are the Worthy President Todd Patton, PWP Tom Sharpe, PWP Mike Pooley, Worthy Vice-President Chris Karsgor and the Aerie Secretary Don Burch. The Committee shall meet and come up with a package, if any proposals are submitted.


  • 1st reading of proposal(s) on the Aerie floor is 3 October 2019.
  • 2nd reading on the Aerie floor is 17 October 2019.
  • 3rd and final reading / discussion / voting on Aerie floor will be 7 November 2019.

NOTE:  We cannot skip the three meetings listed, if so, we start over. Must be three consecutive Aerie meetings.