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A Message from the Worthy President

To All my brothers and Sisters of Aerie 3204.   I want to start out by saying   Thank You for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Aerie President for the upcoming year.  I am looking forward to working with you all  and to make this upcoming year a great one. I have one of the best support systems in place with the  New Aerie Officers and  Auxiliary Officers  which is going to make this a fun year for us all. We also have new officers in the Eagle Riders, which we all are looking forward to working with on upcoming events. Committees and Charity groups are very important to us. 

It’s What We are About! 

We will be asking and seeking individuals to help us as a family by chairing and\ or becoming members of the committees. We look forward to these things, not as a chore or a task  but as a way to help others. That is what sets us apart-it’s what we do. 

As I stated above, we have a new group of Aerie Officers that will be helping me with all day to day and year events  

Jr Past Worthy President   Toby McLawhorn

Worthy Vice President Jonathan Hooten

Worthy Conductor Solomon Barton

Worthy Chaplin Kevin Bowser

Worthy Secretary Donald Burch

Worthy Treasurer Thomas Sharpe

Inside Guard Jonathan Epstein


Lloyd Gorski

Robert Donaldson

William Dawson

Tami Itri

Wade Edwards

The FOE State Convention  is coming up fast    (June  23, 24, &25th )    We have some of our own becoming Member of the state FOE. Our Very own  Miss Mary Burch, who will become State Madam President  and Miss Regina Ruark who will to take the position of  State Madam Conductor.  When you see them around the club  congratulate them and  Thank them  for representing Virginia Beach Eagles. If you haven attended a state function,  I encourage you to do so.   Great experience from the state, To see how everything works   and how we   as Aerie 3204 fits into the bigger picture of the Eagles fraternity. Also if you haven’t heard,  its a great time meeting with members from all around the state  so  please look into attending       

In closing, most all of you know me. I’m not much of a speech writer but what I can do is work with you and for you  and to that, I am looking forward to great year    

Thanks again for all your support

Your new Aerie President    Perry 

A Message from the Madame President

Happy 22-23 Fraternal Year! On my first day as the Auxiliary Madam President, I would like to thank all our Past Madam Presidents for building the foundation and laying the path for me to be able to carry the torch for this upcoming year. I thank our 21-22 Madam President Debbie Hall for a terrific year of sisterhood and some pretty impressive Charity Fundraising! Your leadership and mentoring have made this a smooth transition; for that I am grateful. I would also like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s elections, took their time, and voted for our Aerie and Auxiliary Officers for the upcoming Fraternal Year.

It is my honor and privilege to serve FOE #3204, and I will do whatever is necessary to support our Aerie members and make our Virginia Beach Aerie Home the best in the state of Virginia! With that being said, I cannot do it alone; we have an unbelievable group of ladies, three who are new to our organization and some who have been Auxiliary Leaders for quite some time. Introducing our 22-23 Auxiliary Officers:

Jr. Past Madam President – Debbie Hall

Madam Vice-President – Dot Pearson

Madam Secretary – Regina Ruark

Madam Chaplain – Corinne Smith

Madam Treasurer – Connie Shiera

Madam Conductor – Linda MacDonald

Madam Inside Guard – Brenda Kearns

Madam Trustees – Karen Norris, Penny Oberst, and Angela Morad

Madam President – Maria Hunger

Please congratulate our officers when you see them and wish them a successful year! These enthusiastic women exemplify the very spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality (the four pillars of the FOE founded on February 6, 1898, the Auxiliary 1927). Even before the Installation Ceremony, as newly elected officers, we gathered as a team so our more experienced Auxiliary Members could share their knowledge and wisdom; the ideas of mentorship and the can-do attitudes have already been demonstrated.

As you can see, our long-time Madam Secretary, Connie Shiera, has so graciously passed the baton to Regina Ruark. We are incredibly grateful for the many years Connie has dedicated her time and effort toward this position in the Auxiliary and express our appreciation for accepting the position of Madam Treasurer along with helping Regina through this transition. Cheers to you, Connie!

I had an opportunity to meet with our Worthy President, Perry Pearson, prior to the Officer Installation Ceremony, and I am so excited about the Aerie and Auxiliary supporting each other with continued charity fundraising, special events, and community outreach to spread the word that this nonprofit organization, the Fraternal Order of Eagles #3204, is all about “People Helping People”. I encourage all members to be proactive in helping our fellow brothers and sisters in their time of need in addition to our goal of reaching out to our local community and showing our commitment to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills, and by promoting peace, prosperity, gladness, and hope.

As an Auxiliary, we have several committees – some related to charities and some required to achieve our goals. Look forward to Facebook and website ( posts that describe these various committees. I am sure you will find one that is personally or emotionally important to you that you might want to join or even lead! Hope to see you at the meetings to learn what we have planned and to participate in the decision making.

As a child, my mother taught me to lead by example; I aim to do just that as your Auxiliary Madam President. Please know that I am here for you and invite you to ask yourself, “Why did I join the Fraternal Order of Eagles?” If it were to give back to your community like me, then please come back and side-by-side we can roll up our sleeves together and accomplish anything!

Fraternally yours,

Maria Hunger

Madam President

FOE #3204

   The Hampton Roads Council of Veterans Organizations selected Aerie 3204 member Kevin Bowser as its first   ‘Chaplain’. Congratulations KEVIN!               

    The American Gold Star Mothers 6th Annual Memorial Poker Run scheduled for 14 May was postponed due to weather conditions. Rain date to be announced at a later date.

   A BIG ‘THANKS’ to the Aerie 3204 Eagles Riders who donated $250.00 to HRCVO for Veterans Day Parade support. Also, Aerie 3204 donated three large boxes of Health & Comfort items and $150.00 to the VA Hospital for Veterans support.

  At its April meeting HRCVO introduced two guest speakers who spoke on possible Veterans FREE Dental and FREE Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) care.  Visit for more information on these and other interesting subjects. 

   On Memorial Day your Aerie along with many other organizations placed a wreath in the Tidewater Veterans Memorial Park. The Virginia Beach Mayor’s Veterans Committee sponsored this event. 

   Please remember that HRCVO meetings take place on the 4th Monday of each month except December at 7 PM, at VFW Post 392, 2408 Bowland Parkway, Virginia Beach. Va. 23454, 757 486-5875. All Aerie 3204 members and friends are invited to attend these meetings.

   June important dates that may affect Veterans and others in Aerie:

06/02:   Aerie meeting 7 PM

06/06:   D-Day: Allied Invasion of Europe (1944)

06/07:   JOM 6:30 PM, Auxiliary meeting 7:30 PM

06/14:   Eagle Riders meeting 7 PM, U.S. Army founded

                (1775), Flag Day

06/16     Aerie meeting 7 PM

06/19:   Father’s Day, Juneteenth National Independence Day

06/21:   Auxiliary meeting 7:30                                   

06/22:   Pledge of Allegiance recognized by Congress 1944

06/23-   06/24, 06/25 Virginia State Convention

06/25:   Korean War began 1950

06/27:   HRCVO meeting 7 PM VFW Post 392, National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Day

06/30:   Post 9/11 GI Bill Signed into Law 2008

Be sure to check the Aerie newsletter calendar for more important days in June.

   Until further notice, most Hampton Roads Military bases no longer require ‘Masking-Up’ when entering buildings. However, to be on the safe side, carry a mask just in case. 

   Questions concerning the above articles can be directed to Bob Freitag (497-3337), Aerie 3204 Veterans Day Chairperson.